Key Points About The Mage Class With The Fire Specialization In World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King

by Eugene Lewis
Key Points About The Mage Class With The Fire Specialization In World Of Warcraft Wrath Of The Lich King

Mages are one of the most interesting, powerful, at the same time dangerous and vulnerable heroes who can take the life of an enemy in a matter of seconds, but can also lose their own just as quickly.

This is a class that is very dependent on weapons, thanks to which it deals huge damage and saves mana by reducing the number of spells fired, but it is even more dependent on equipment, which increases defense and provides more of this very mana.

To get such pieces of equipment, you need to farm a lot, participate in raids, or buy WoW Classic Gold.

Who Is A Magician, And Why Should You Choose Fire?

The magician occupies a special role in the World of Warcraft universe – given that this is a project about PVP and large-scale PVE, and the Lich King version is also about complex leveling and selection of items for your hero. Any amount of wow wotlk classic gold that you can find will help you.

If we divide all the available specializations for a magician, we get the following selection logic:

  • Fire – massive damage and bonuses in PVE due to burns, which will cause additional damage.
  • Ice – single damage, strong negative effects, large slowing effect, increased damage in PVP and control of single targets, high personal defense.
  • Arcane magic is enhanced attacks through combinations of skills without much AoE potential, but with the ability to penetrate even the most protected enemies, especially when critical effects are triggered.

Since the guide is entirely dedicated to the element of fire, we will pay maximum attention to it, but in case you are still thinking about it, we will also mention other specializations so that you can change the vector of development if necessary.

It is worth mentioning the importance of wow classic gold for all magicians, not just fire ones, and this must be taken into account at the very beginning – playing a magician is not a cheap pleasure, but it is interesting.

The fire mage is a full-fledged PVE unit that deals great damage to a group of targets and is inferior to other types of mages in terms of attacks on single opponents. The strong point is a number of skills that apply a burn effect to enemies and also deal additional and periodic fire damage after the main cast.

To increase your damage, you need a good staff and a developed intelligence and critical attack parameter – this can be strengthened if you buy wow wotlk classic gold and purchase initial equipment on the game market, since in the classic World of Warcraft it is very difficult to accumulate gold, or produce finished products from -for the concept of hardcore in this part of the famous series from Blizzard.

Survival Skills For The Mage Class With Fire Specialization

All mages in World of Warcraft have their own skills that ensure their survivability. Not all of these skills will directly create barriers; some will increase the distance from enemies, which also significantly increases the chances of survival in PVP and during raids.

Of course, the best way to increase protection is good magical armor, which is created using tailoring, or bought on the trading platform, for which you need to farm, or buy wow classic gold.

  1. Ice ring – cast around yourself without having to select a target, and all enemies around will receive water elemental damage and freeze to one place for a while.
  2. Mana shield – replaces the HP indicator with the mana indicator when receiving damage. Part of the damage will be absorbed by the shield itself, and when the mana runs out, the damage will again be counted towards health. Keep in mind that if you are knocked out of mana, you will not only not be able to cast skills, but you will also be guaranteed to lose your health, so use the skill situationally, and not primarily. For example, if you already have little health left, you can activate a mana shield to extend your life and try to finish off the enemy during this time.
  3. Blast Wave – You deal fire damage around you and knock down all enemies around you, when they come to their senses they will not be able to actively engage in combat for 6 seconds, but any damage will knock them out of this state.
  4. Dragon’s Breath – You deal fire damage in front of you and all enemies who fall under its effect will not be able to target anyone for attack, but any damage to them will take them out of this state.
  5. Jumping is the easiest way to escape from being hit if your opponent is not a player with a ranged attack type. You simply remove the shackles and slowdowns from yourself, if they were imposed, and move forward, provided that there are no obstacles in front of you.

The Main Attacking And Enhancing Skills That You Need To Use For PVP And PVE

Combustion – activate it every time before a serious procast, as this skill increases the likelihood

Path of Fire – if your key magical attacks work with a critical effect two or more times in a row, then you will be able to use the Pyroblast skill instantly, without procasting.

Frostfire Arrow is a combined attack of two skills into one arrow, which will cause fire and ice elemental damage, slow down the enemy and apply an additional combustion effect, which will constantly take away the enemy’s health.

The better the staff or orb you have, the more damage any spell will cause and to get it you need a lot of wotlk classic gold.

Reckoning of Fire – when your health approaches a critical level, you will receive a noticeable reduction in incoming damage and a minimal cooldown for the Pyroblast skill. When health is restored and the bonus is leveled.

The burn and fire explosion skills will help you deal damage and apply a negative effect with periodic damage and the element of fire.

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Conclusion For The Mage Class With Fire Specialization

WoW classic is a complex, long, but interesting project, and if you are not ready for such a long effort, then it is better to look towards the main version.

Nevertheless, the choice of a fire mage is the choice of an active grind and a serious class for large-scale PVP, but in raids and normal attacks he experiences weakness, but when fighting a large number of enemies they have no equal.

Buy wow wotlk gold to improve your damage and mana pool, or slowly accumulate a staff and robe through the profession system.

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