20 Indie Games To Play After Baldur’s Gate 3

by Eugene Lewis
Indie Games To Play After Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a highly anticipated RPG that promises to deliver a rich and immersive experience in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. But what if you finish the game and still crave for more adventures, choices, and challenges? Don’t worry, we have you covered. 

Here are 20 indie games that you can play after Baldur’s Gate 3, ranging from classic RPGs to innovative genres and styles.


This is a groundbreaking RPG that lets you play as a detective with a unique skill system and a reactive world. You can explore, interrogate, fight, or bribe your way through a complex and captivating story that is shaped by your choices and actions.


This is a roguelike action RPG that combines fast-paced combat, stunning art, and an engaging narrative. You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, who tries to escape the underworld with the help of various gods and heroes from Greek mythology.


This is a charming and quirky RPG that subverts many genre conventions and offers multiple endings depending on your actions. You can choose to befriend or fight the monsters you encounter in a unique combat system that mixes bullet hell and puzzle elements.


This is a arcade physics puzzle game with battle royale mechanics created by French studio Voodoo. You play as an all-powerful black hole that carves a path of destruction through the city by consuming everything in your way, whether it be garbage cans, fire hydrants or other players. The game features various maps with different themes and environments to explore and destroy. You can check Hole.io on Crazy Games.

Hollow Knight

This is a metroidvania game that features a vast and beautiful world filled with secrets, enemies, and bosses. You play as a knight who explores the ruins of an ancient kingdom and discovers its mysteries and history.

Stardew Valley

This is a farming simulator game that also includes elements of RPG, adventure, and social simulation. You can create your own farm, interact with the villagers, explore the countryside, mine, fish, craft, and more.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

This is a classic RPG that offers a deep and immersive story, a turn-based combat system, and a highly interactive world. You can create your own character or choose from six origin stories, and play solo or co-op with up to four players.

Outer Wilds

This is an exploration game that features a solar system stuck in a 22-minute time loop. You play as an astronaut who tries to uncover the secrets of the universe before the sun goes supernova.


This is a platformer game that challenges you to climb a mountain while dealing with your inner demons. The game features tight controls, precise level design, and a touching story.

Slay the Spire

This is a roguelike deck-building game that combines card games and dungeon crawling. You can choose from four different characters, each with their own cards and abilities, and try to reach the top of the spire while facing various enemies and events.

Return of the Obra Dinn

This is a mystery game that tasks you with solving the fate of the crew of a ghost ship. You have a special device that lets you see the moments before someone’s death, and you have to use logic and deduction to piece together the story.

Into the Breach

This is a turn-based strategy game that pits you against giant alien bugs in a randomly generated world. You control a squad of mechs with different abilities and try to protect the civilians and buildings from the invaders.

Night in the Woods

This is an adventure game that follows the life of Mae, a college dropout who returns to her hometown and reconnects with her friends. The game explores themes of identity, friendship, adulthood, and more through dialogue, exploration, and mini-games.

Baba Is You

This is a puzzle game that lets you manipulate the rules of each level by changing the words on the screen. You can create new interactions and solutions by altering how objects behave and relate to each other.


This is a survival game that takes place on an alien ocean planet. You have to craft equipment, scavenge resources, build bases, and explore the underwater world while avoiding or fighting the creatures that inhabit it.

The Binding of Isaac:Rebirth

This is a roguelike game that features randomly generated dungeons, items, enemies, and bosses. You play as Isaac, a boy who escapes to his basement after his mother tries to sacrifice him. The game has dark humor, religious themes, and multiple endings.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

This is an enhanced version of the critically acclaimed RPG Disco Elysium, which features new quests, voice acting, and improved graphics. You can experience the game in a whole new way, with more choices, more consequences, and more ways to role-play your character.

Darkest Dungeon II

This is a sequel to the popular roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon, which challenges you to lead a team of flawed heroes through a grim and unforgiving world. You have to manage their stress, health, and sanity, as well as their skills, equipment, and relationships. The game features a new 3D art style, a revamped combat system, and a dynamic narrative.


This is a cozy management game that explores the concept of death and letting go. You play as Stella, a ferry master who guides spirits to the afterlife. You can build and customize your boat, befriend and care for your passengers, and explore a beautiful and whimsical world.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

This is a platformer game that follows the adventures of Ori, a guardian spirit who seeks to restore the balance of nature. The game features stunning visuals, fluid animations, and an emotional soundtrack. You can explore a vast and vibrant world, unlock new abilities, and face epic bosses.

In conclusion, after immersing yourself in the epic world of Baldur’s Gate 3, the gaming journey doesn’t have to end. We’ve unveiled a treasure trove of 20 indie games, each offering its unique charm, challenges, and adventures. From the detective intrigue of “Elysium” to the heart-pounding action of “Hades,” the unconventional storytelling of “Undertale” to the quirky chaos of “Hole.io,” and the enchanting mysteries of “Hollow Knight” to the tranquil pleasures of “Stardew Valley,” there’s a game here for every taste and preference.

Delve into the rich narratives of “Divinity: Original Sin 2” and “Outer Wilds,” conquer the mountain in “Celeste,” build your deck in “Slay the Spire,” and unravel maritime mysteries in “Return of the Obra Dinn.” Command mechs in “Into the Breach,” rediscover your roots in “Night in the Woods,” reshape reality in “Baba Is You,” and dive deep into the unknown with “Subnautica.”

Venture into dark dungeons in “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth,” re-experience the brilliance of “Disco Elysium: The Final Cut,” and face your darkest fears in “Darkest Dungeon II.” Sail the afterlife in “Spiritfarer,” restore nature’s balance in “Ori and the Will of the Wisps,” and discover countless more indie gems that await your exploration. Happy gaming!

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