How To Play Harbor In Valorant: Abilities, Tips & Tricks

by Eugene Lewis
How To Play Harbor In Valorant

The new pattern of character abilities in Valorant is just like bringing the Last Airbender characters into the game. Indeed, most FPS games have characters with unique abilities. But Valorant characters and their abilities are similar to what you see in the Avatar movie.

The most interesting part is the newest Agent, Harbor – the Water bender. This character can control water assisted by its controller. If you’re new to the Valorant game, we advise you to visit

How To Play Harbor In Valorant: Abilities, Tips, And Tricks

Meanwhile, you can learn how to play Harbor in Valorant using a few tips and tricks. Tag along!

1. Understand the Abilities of Harbor

Being a controller Agent in Valorant, playing Harbor will need a proper understanding of how his abilities work. With 4 powerful abilities, playing Harbor gives your squad more than enough time to live and battle till the end of the game.

You can activate the Cascade ability with just 150 creds to equip water waves. With 350 creds, you can unlock the Cove ability to activate a water sphere shield.

The High Tide Signature Ability is free and allows Harbor to equip water walls. Finally, the Ultimate Ability, which is Reckoning, is unlocked with 7 Ult Points to engage the powers of Harbor. First, understanding how each ability is used when playing Harbor in Valorant will help you do better. 

2. Choose Maps Wisely in Valorant

There are about six maps in Valorant. You may try out all maps and understand which has more opportunities than the others. Although the Pearl map gives this tailor-made feeling for Harbor, there’s more to discover when you try the other maps in Valorant.

Breeze has lots of opportunities to make you explore the creativity of Harbor. The Icebox is a versatile map where Viper and Harbor can fit in and do well.

The Haven is unique and allows you to experiment with Harbor’s abilities. In Bind, you will need an assistant for Harbor. It helps him work effectively.

3. Delight in other Valorant Harbor Gameplay

One of the ways to play Harbor in Valorant is by watching replays of other players in the gaming community. You will see how each ability is used, when, and where. Watching playbacks of other Valorant players will give you a more detailed insight into how Harbor works.

Whether you browse the internet or join live gaming sessions, learning from others broadens your knowledge and expertise in the game.

4. Always Use Your Abilities

Make High Tide your closest companion. As it helps Harbor build water walls, it’s exceptional for walling off deadly enemies in Valorant. With the length of the wall, you can wall off several entries to any site using one wall. With Harbor, you can control the wall’s placement and limit access to common hideouts.

Apart from the length and distance the water wall covers, players can shoot through it and see how it paths using the mini-map. High Tide is a great defense against enemy players considering how it lasts before crashing.

5. Hold on Tight to Reckoning when playing Harbor

The Reckoning ability of Harbor is a great tool for sweeping fight zones during executes or retakes. Although it doesn’t work like Killjoy or Brimstone, the Reckoning ability is compulsory during retakes and executes.

No matter where the enemy players are hiding, Reckoning forces them to reveal themselves, putting them at risk. A blast can concuss an enemy player for some seconds. This will increase your chances of doing justice to an opponent.

6. Practice with Custom or Unranked Modes

One of the tricks to help you play Harbor better is practicing. Whether with your friends or playing against a bot, you will understand how Harbor works and how to maximize his abilities.

You can play and experiment with all of Harbor’s abilities in the unranked section. 

It will not affect your rank in the main competition. You can play the custom mode with your friends as well.

 It will help you explore the game and also have a new experience.


There is no best way to play Harbor in Valorant. All you need is practice, understand the agent’s abilities, and use them to your advantage. With these tips and tricks, you can do better playing Harbor in Valorant.

You can either play in unranked or custom mode to learn how each ability works and which map it works best with. 

As you play Harbor, don’t forget to use all his abilities when relevant. You can call in the High Tide or use Reckoning to save yourself when you’re in a sticky situation.

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