How To Make Your Bluetooth Speakers Louder?

by David Valdez
How To Make Your Bluetooth Speakers Louder

Did you know that most Bluetooth speakers have a volume limit? These devices won’t get any louder than about 70 or 80 percent of the max volume. If you need to blast some tunes in your home, car, or outdoor space, there are ways to get past the built-in limitations of your speaker. The best way to make your Bluetooth speakers louder is by pairing them with another audio source. You can use an auxiliary cord and connect the speakers directly to an amplifier, computer Media player, TV, or external speaker system. Otherwise, there are several tricks you can use to increase the volume of your individual Bluetooth speaker. These simple hacks will have you listening at higher volumes in no time. Read on for nine ways to make your Bluetooth speakers louder.

How To Make Your Bluetooth Speakers Louder?

Use A Different Audio Source

One of the easiest ways to make your Bluetooth speakers louder is to use a different audio source. This can be achieved by simply connecting the speakers to an external audio device. You can connect the speakers to an amplifier, computer, media player, TV, or any other device that has a headphone jack. There are two ways to connect the Bluetooth speakers to another audio source. The first is to use an auxiliary cord to connect the device’s headphone jack to the speakers. The second way is to connect the speakers to the device via Bluetooth. This can be done if the device supports Bluetooth transmission. If both the devices are Bluetooth-enabled, it’s easier to connect the speakers to them via Bluetooth rather than connecting them to a different audio source via an auxiliary cord.

Turn The Speaker Around

If you’ve already paired the speakers to a Bluetooth device, turn them around and face away from you. This will direct the sound in a different direction, which will allow you to hear the music at higher volumes. Turning a speaker around works the same way as cupping your hand and directing the sound towards your ears. The sound waves will be directed toward your ears, making them louder. Turning the speakers around will also help with the next hack – using a stereo Bluetooth speaker.

Use A Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

This can be a bit of a workaround, but if your speaker is stereo, this can help you make it louder. If you have a stereo Bluetooth speaker, using both speakers will make the sound louder. This is because the two speakers will combine the sound to make it louder. Depending on the model of the stereo speaker, you might be able to turn off one of the two speakers to make the sound even louder. Again, this is a bit of a workaround, but it’s an easy way to make your Bluetooth speakers louder.

Install An Equalizer App

Another way to make your Bluetooth speakers louder is by installing a free equalizer app on your phone. There are several free equalizer apps available in the app store, like Equalizer, Graphic EQ, and 10 band equalizer. Equalizer apps allow you to adjust the bass, treble, and other frequencies in the music. This is a convenient way to make your music sound louder without having to turn up the volume. This is a great hack for those who are running media on their computer. This is because most media players don’t have a ton of sound adjustment options. Normal music players on computers don’t have an equalizer. This means you’re stuck with a single volume level, no matter how loud or soft the song is.

Turn On Bluetooth Speakers’ Bass Boost

If your speaker has a bass boost feature, turn it on. This will increase the bass in the sound, which will make the sound louder. Bass boost makes the music louder because it boosts the volume of the lower tones in the music. This makes the song sound louder, even if the volume level hasn’t been increased. This might not be the best option if you’re listening to a podcast or some other type of spoken word audio, as the bass boost will make the voices sound deeper and mumbly. This is good if you’re listening to music, though, as the music will sound louder even though the volume level hasn’t been adjusted.

Increase The Volume Using Windows Control Panel

If you’re using Windows, there is a built-in volume control panel that allows you to make your music louder. To use this feature, open the volume control panel, click “set as default,” and click “properties.” Turn the “volume” slider to the right to make the music louder. The max volume will vary from computer to computer.

Boost Volume By Decreasing The Music’s Bit Rate

If you’re streaming music on a computer, you can boost the volume by decreasing the bit rate. To do this, open the setting menu on your media player, select the audio menu, and choose a lower bit rate. This will make the music sound louder because it reduces the quality. Lowering the bit rate will make the music sound mumbly and not as crisp as normal, but it will be louder.

How To Get Good Sound From Your Bluetooth Speaker?

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth speaker is turned on.
  2. Make sure the music player is up to date.
  3. Place the speaker closer to your computer’s speakers, or if you have a desktop computer, make sure you have it placed near your monitor so it can be heard clearly by both your speakers and your monitor.
  4. Use a desktop speaker system that has an equalizer or bass boost option so you can adjust the sound as needed.
  5. If your media player has volume control, use it to make sure that the music is loud enough for you to hear clearly without distortion.
  6. If you are streaming music, try to stream it at a bit rate that is lower than the original bit rate. This will allow you to hear more of the music’s low tones without causing distortion.
  7. Make sure your computer is not too noisy, as this will cause unwanted noise in the sound coming from your speakers or headphones.
  8. Turn off any echo cancellation or noise reduction options in the audio settings of your media player. The best way to do this is to click on “settings” and then adjust the “echo cancellation” slider until there are no more sounds in your music being canceled out by echoes or other noises in the room.
  9. If you have a desktop computer with multiple speakers, try placing one speaker near one side of your monitor so that it can be heard clearly by both monitors and your speakers. You can also use an equalizer like Dolby Pro Logic IIx on Windows 7/Vista/XP (this will only work on Windows XP), which gives you control over how much bass and treble you want in each channel of your speakers, allowing for more control over how loud the sound is coming from each speaker and how muddled or crisp it sounds overall when playing through them all at once (the equalizer can be found under Sound > Audio > Equalizer).
  10. If your computer has multiple sound cards, try using the card that is closest to the front of your computer and the one that has the highest quality sound. If you have only one sound card, try using it to make sure you are getting the best quality possible out of your speakers or headphones.


Bluetooth speakers are convenient and portable, but they are often limited when it comes to volume. Luckily, there are numerous hacks and tricks to make your Bluetooth speakers louder. These nine ways to make your Bluetooth speakers louder are great solutions for anyone who needs to blast some music. The best way to make your Bluetooth speakers louder is by pairing them with another audio source, like an amplifier or computer.

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