Can I Cancel Xfinity TV And Keep Internet: Everything You Need To Know

by Eugene Lewis
Can I Cancel Xfinity TV And Keep Internet

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where streaming services are increasingly replacing traditional TV viewing, many Xfinity customers ponder a crucial question: Is it possible to disentangle their TV subscription from their internet service? This article dives into the heart of this dilemma, exploring the feasibility and implications of keeping your Xfinity Internet while saying goodbye to the TV component. Tailored for the savvy consumer, this piece guides you through the process. It illuminates the broader context of shifting media consumption trends and how they’re reshaping how we approach home entertainment services.”

Can I Cancel Xfinity TV And Keep Internet?

Yes, you can cancel Xfinity TV and keep your Internet service. Xfinity offers flexibility in modifying your service plan, allowing you to tailor it to your needs. To do this, contact Xfinity customer service and inform them of your intention to cancel the TV service while retaining the Internet. They will guide you through the process, and it’s essential to review your contract terms for any potential fees or changes. This allows you to enjoy high-speed Internet while simplifying your plan and potentially reducing costs.

The Possibility Of Canceling Xfinity TV

The landscape of home entertainment is evolving rapidly, and with it, consumers’ needs and preferences are also changing. Many Xfinity customers are contemplating whether they can keep pace with this shift by modifying their existing service packages. A key aspect of this consideration is the feasibility of canceling the Xfinity TV service while retaining its Internet connection.

Flexibility In Service Modification: as a significant service provider, Xfinity understands the dynamic nature of customer needs. The company typically offers a range of service packages, including bundled options that combine TV, internet, and phone services. However, Xfinity also recognizes that not all customers want or need all these services. This understanding is reflected in their policies, which generally allow for the modification of services, including the cancellation of individual components like TVs.

Terms And Conditions: Customers need to know their service agreements’ specific terms and conditions. These details can include contractual obligations, the length of the service period, and potential penalties or fees for changes made before the end of a contract term. Knowing these details is crucial in evaluating whether canceling TV service is viable and cost-effective.

Package Customization: Xfinity offers various levels of customization for their service packages. Customers can choose from different tiers of TV service, different internet speeds, and various add-ons. This flexibility often extends to canceling one service, like TV, while keeping another, like the internet.

Customer Service And Retention Offers: When a customer contacts Xfinity to cancel their TV service, they might be presented with special offers or discounts as an incentive to retain their total package. It’s beneficial for customers to be prepared for these offers and to weigh them against their original intention of canceling the TV service.

Impact On Bundled Pricing: Customers should also consider how canceling one part of a bundle can affect their overall pricing. Bundled services often come with discounts that may no longer apply if a bundle component is canceled. This could result in the remaining services, like the internet, costing more than expected.

Steps To Cancel Xfinity TV And Retain Internet Service

For Xfinity customers looking to streamline their services by canceling TV while keeping their internet, navigating the process can seem daunting. However, by following these structured steps, customers can smoothly transition to an internet-only plan:

Review Your Current Contract: 

Before initiating any changes, thoroughly review your existing contract with Xfinity. Pay close attention to the terms of service, particularly any clauses regarding early termination fees or penalties. Knowing where you stand contractually is crucial to avoid unexpected charges.

Assess Your Internet Needs: 

Evaluate your internet usage to determine the appropriate bandwidth and speed required once TV services are discontinued. Consider factors like online streaming, the number of devices connected, and general internet usage to select a suitable internet plan.

Contact Xfinity Customer Service: 

Reach out to Xfinity’s customer service department. This can be done through their official website, via phone, or even through a visit to an Xfinity store. Be clear about canceling TV services while retaining your internet connection.

Navigate Retention Offers: 

Be prepared for retention efforts from the customer service representative. They may offer discounted bundles or special promotions to keep the TV service. Politely decline these offers if you are sure about your decision.

Confirm Changes And Fees: 

Once you have communicated your decision, ask the representative to outline any changes to your monthly billing, including removing TV-related charges and any potential fees for service modification. This transparency is essential to avoid surprises in your billing.

Schedule Equipment Return (If Applicable): 

If you have any Xfinity TV equipment, arrange to return it. Xfinity often provides several options for equipment return, including mailing it back, dropping it off at a service center, or scheduling a pick-up.

Receive Confirmation: 

Ensure you receive a written confirmation (via email or a confirmation number) of the service change. This documentation is vital for future reference should any discrepancies arise with billing or services.

Monitor Your First Bill: 

After the service modification, closely monitor your first bill to ensure that the changes have been accurately reflected and that there are no unexpected charges.

Downgrade Options For The TV Package

For Xfinity customers contemplating adjustments to their TV service, canceling the TV package might be one of many options. Downgrading the TV package can be a more suitable alternative, offering a balance between cost savings and continued access to television content. Here’s how to explore and potentially proceed with downgrading your Xfinity TV package:

Start by reviewing the details of your current Xfinity TV package. Know your channels and features and how much you’re paying. This information is crucial to understand what you might be giving up or keeping in a downgrade. Reflect on your TV usage. Consider which channels and services you use and enjoy. Are there premium channels you don’t watch? Are certain features or packages (like sports or movie channels) unnecessary? This self-assessment will guide you in choosing a more fitting package.

Xfinity offers various tiers of TV packages, from basic to more comprehensive ones. Research these options to find a package that aligns with your viewing preferences and budget. Pay attention to the number of channels, availability of your preferred channels, and any additional features like DVR services. Analyze the cost difference between your current package and the downgrade options. Consider both the monthly savings and any potential long-term contractual changes. Sometimes, the cost difference between packages might be less significant than expected, so ensure the savings justify the change.

Before making any changes, understand the contractual implications. Are there fees for changing your package? Will downgrading affect the terms of your contract, especially if you’re bundled with internet and phone services? Contact Xfinity’s customer service once you’ve done your homework and decided on a new package. Explain your desire to downgrade and discuss your chosen package. As with cancellation, be prepared for retention offers or alternative suggestions from the representative.


Modifying your Xfinity TV service, whether by canceling it or exploring downgrade options, is a viable way to align your home entertainment with your preferences and budget. Understanding your contract, evaluating your viewing habits, and contacting Xfinity customer service are vital steps. Whether you keep your internet service or adjust your TV package, these decisions should be made carefully considering the terms, costs, and potential benefits. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your Xfinity services continue to meet your needs and provide value for your entertainment choices.


Can I Downgrade My Xfinity TV Package Instead Of Canceling It Altogether?

You can explore downgrade options for your Xfinity TV package, which allows you to reduce costs while retaining some television content. The article guides how to explore these options.

How Do I Choose The Right Xfinity TV Package To Downgrade To?

Choosing the right package involves evaluating your viewing habits, researching available packages, comparing costs and savings, and considering contractual implications. Selecting a package that aligns with your preferences and budget is crucial.

What Should I Do If I Encounter Issues With My Xfinity Bill After Changing My Services?

If you experience billing issues after making changes, contact Xfinity customer service immediately. Provide them with the details of the problem and any confirmation numbers or emails related to the service changes.

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