Why You Should Use A Modern Data Stack

by David Valdez
Why You Should Use A Modern Data Stack

Every business needs a data stack: a series of tools and technologies used to gather, organize, and then analyze data. This is doubly true in the digital era when organizations just like yours rely on a constant inflow of data to better understand their target audiences and maximize their marketing effectiveness.

But you can’t expect success if you stick with an old-fashioned, barely functional data stack using outdated tools. Today, let’s take a look at why you should use a modern data stack like Mozart Data instead.

What Is A Modern Data Stack?

A modern data stack is an updated or modernized set of data collection and analysis tools. In other words, it’s the series of programs that an organization like yours can use to gather, categorize, and fully understand important data like:

  • Target audience behaviors and trends
  • Overall market trends
  • Target audience demographics
  • Price data
  • Sales information
  • And more

With a modern data stack, you can use all the data your business collects a much greater effect. That’s because modern tools are powered by new technologies that allow for agile data organization and analysis.

Modern Data Stack Benefits

Choosing and implementing a modern data stack imparts many major benefits to businesses like yours.

Easier to Deploy/Use

For starters, modern data stacks are significantly easier to deploy and use.

Deployment refers to the time needed to set up, install, and train employees in the use of technology like data stack programs and platforms. The longer the point is, the longer you have to wait before you can take advantage of data organization and data stack tools.

Fortunately, the majority of tools in modern data stacks are “software as a service” or SaaS. That means they are provided via the cloud, are open source, and are usually testable via free trials. More importantly, managed service or cloud service providers offer administrative or managerial services for these data collection and analysis tools.

Say that you need to upgrade or update your data stack with new antivirus programs. SaaS data stacks have cloud administrators or managers do this for you, allowing you and your employees to focus on other aspects of your business.

In addition, cloud-based, SaaS modern data stacks are much easier to use and don’t require many hours of training. They are designed for intuitive understanding and use from the get-go, so your organization can hit the ground running once they start using them.

Easier to Scale

Next, modern data stacks are significantly easier to scale compared to their older counterparts. Scalability is important for any business that wants to grow in the future.

When it comes to data, you have to think of data scaling in terms of:

  • Data itself. You need a scalable solution that can gather and organize more data as you get more customers and open more stores
  • Users. Your data stack tools have to work when your user base is not just in the hundreds of users but the thousands or tens of thousands of users
  • Complexity. As your business grows, it will necessarily become more complex. Modern data stack tools can handle the increased complexity next to the sophistication of their tools and programs 

Flexible Customization or Composition for Components

Speaking of sophistication, modern data stacks offer much more customization and composition in terms of their components. Each component or tool in the data stack is easily configurable and can be tailored for your specific users, the skills of your employees, or what your business needs.

Previously, managing a big network of data stack programs required tons of people and disruptions were more likely than not. This isn’t the case with modern tools and platforms, which are designed for ease of use and integration with existing tools across industries.

Additionally, many businesses are now turning to specialized software to streamline their operations. For instance, legal document software has become a pivotal tool for legal departments, ensuring that important papers are easily accessible and organized without the need for complex data management.

Improved Network Security

Last but not least, modern data stacks provide much greater network security to organizations like yours. As noted, most modern data stacks are SaaS. That means the cloud or network administrator handles security monitoring for the data stack tools.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that security updates for those data collection and analysis tools will be regular and consistent. This is beneficial for your business since, again, your team can focus on what your business does best or prioritize your customers instead of IT maintenance tasks.

Thanks to the improved network security, you’ll worry less about potential data breaches or errors that could result in sensitive customer data being stolen or leaked to the wider Internet.


As you can see, there are lots of reasons to upgrade your data stack to a modern alternative like Mozart Data right away. Odds are you’ll see major improvements to your organization’s effectiveness and marketing success as soon as you upgrade your data analysis and collection tools. Check out how Mozart Data can help you today!

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