How To Make A Facebook Post Not Shareable?

by David Valdez
How To Make A Facebook Post Not Shareable

In the world of social media, it is pretty common for people to share almost everything about their lives. But not everyone likes this new trend. In fact, some people might not want others to know about their personal details just yet.

Whether you’re an employee trying to protect your personal profile during job interviews or an individual who just doesn’t want certain friends and family members knowing certain details about you just yet, there are ways to keep your information private while still using Facebook.

As an example, if you don’t want certain details showing up when people view your profile or see information that you have shared with them on Facebook, then reading this post will come in handy. Here, we’ll show you different ways how to make a Facebook post not shareable so that only those who can see it will see it.

How To Make A Facebook Post Not Shareable?

Lock down your Facebook posts before making them public

Before you make any posts public, you should probably lock them down. That means setting privacy settings so that only the people you want to see posts are actually going to see them. There are a few reasons you might want to do this. First, you want to make sure that you’re not accidentally sharing something you meant to keep private. Second, if you’re sharing something that you want to be visible to a larger audience, you want to make sure that it’s visible to the right people. Finally, you want to limit the number of times people will see a specific post. If you’d like your post to have a long shelf-life, but you don’t want to keep reposting it, you can lock the post down so that it only appears once for each group of people. Once it appears for a group, it will never appear again for that group, even if people have unfollowed your page.

Turn off the audience for a specific post

If you’re sharing something that is super specific for a certain group of people, you might consider turning off the audience for everyone else. This is especially useful on things like polls, where you might want to poll your followers but not the entire world. Just be careful when you do this. If you forget to turn the audience back on, your post will only be visible to you even if you change the settings back. This can be helpful if you accidentally make a post public that’s only supposed to be seen by your friends. You can still fix it before anyone sees it by turning off the audience. If you’d like to try this, make sure you’re logged into a personal account, not a page account, since pages can’t make those kinds of changes.

Use the Facebook Graph API to make a post not shareable

If you’re a developer, you might have heard about the Facebook Graph API. It’s the code that controls the way that an individual post appears on Facebook. You can use it to control all kinds of things about the post, including who sees it, who can comment on it, and who can like it. You can even use it to change the name of a post, which can be helpful if you realize you’ve made a typo or you’re sharing a post from a friend with a different name in the title. To use the API to make a post not shareable, you have to use a special syntax. Start by using Graph API Explorer to search for your post. You want to be able to see who can see your post since you want to change that setting. Once you’ve found the post, you can use the text box on the right to change your settings. You can change who can like the post, who can comment on it, who can share it, how many times it appears to each user as well as other settings.

Change the Visibility for Posts on FB

If you’d like to make a post accessible to more people, but not all of them, you can change the visibility of the post. You can make the post visible to friends of followers, or friends of friends. You can also make it visible only to people who have liked or interacted with your page. If you’d like to make a post visible to more people, but not all of them, you can change the visibility setting. There are a few things you should know when adjusting the visibility settings for a post. First, if you make a post visible only to people who have liked your page, it will show up in their feed as alike. If you make it visible only to friends or followers, it will show up as a comment. There is no way to show up as a post, but only as a like or a comment. You can, however, change the post settings to make it visible to a specific group of people. Once you’ve selected a group to make the post visible to, it will remain visible to them even if they unfollow your page.

Hide the Post Using Dark FB?

If you’d like to hide a post from everyone who sees it, but still keep it on your page, you can make it dark. This will hide the post from everyone who sees it, but it will still appear on your page. If you’d like to hide a post from everyone but yourself, you can do it without darkening it. Just use the privacy settings and select only me. This will hide the post from everyone but you. There are two ways to make a post dark: using the drop-down menu on the post or using the privacy settings. Marking a post doesn’t remove it from your page, but it does make it very difficult to find. It’s there, but it’s in a very small font at the bottom of the page. You can find it by clicking the three dots next to your name, then clicking posts. If you’d like to see a dark post again, you can use the same steps to find it, then click show original.

Use Visibility Lock During Job Hunting

If you’re looking for a new job, it can be tempting to make your entire profile public for everyone to see. You want people to know who you are, and you want to get your name out there. That said, you probably don’t want your current employer to see what you’ve been up to, so maybe make your posts visible only to friends or followers. Visibility lock is a handy setting that lets you make your posts visible only to people who have liked your page. It’s a great way to control who sees what while you’re job hunting.

Remove Past Events and Memories

If you’ve used Facebook for a while, you’ve probably had some big life events. Maybe you got married, or you had a child. Maybe you graduated from high school or college. Those are all great memories to keep around on Facebook, but sometimes you might want to remove them. Maybe you got divorced or you’re no longer proud of a picture from high school. Maybe you’re in a secret society or you just don’t want somebody to see that event. There are two ways to remove events from your Facebook page. For events that are still on your page, you can click the down arrow next to the event, then click edit. From there, you can click remove this event. You can also use the privacy settings to remove events that are already gone. You can select who can see past events, and you can remove specific events if you’d like.

Don’t Use Facebook as a Bandwagon

Social media is great for getting the word out about causes, products, and ideas. If you want to promote something on Facebook, there are two things you should keep in mind. First, you want to use the right channel. Not everything is best done on Facebook, so don’t just promote everything you do on the same platform. Second, make sure that the posts you do make are non-spammy and add value to the feed. If you post the same thing over and over again, people will start hiding your posts, and eventually, they’ll stop seeing them at all. If you want to promote something, just make sure you’re not making it annoying.

Turn off Co-Editing for a Post on Facebook

One of the biggest changes to Facebook posts came in 2018 when the platform started allowing posts to be edited by multiple people. This is a great feature for pages where multiple members contribute to the content, but it can cause problems if your posts are changing hands too often. The best way to keep control over a post is to turn off co-editing for that post. To do this, simply click on the drop-down menu next to the “share” button and select “edit post only.” This will prevent anyone from editing the post except for the original author.


Now that you know how to make a post not shareable, you can make sure that sensitive posts are hidden from public view. You can also make sure that certain posts are only visible to certain audiences. You can also use the visibility lock feature that was implemented in 2016 to hide posts from public view. You can also turn off co-editing for a post on Facebook so that changes are only made by the original author. With these techniques, you can make a post not shareable, hiding it from unwanted audiences. You can also make sure that only the people you won’t see your posts by changing the privacy settings for posts and turning off co-editing for those posts.

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