Building A Strong Brand Identity: How Digital Branding Agencies Help

by Eugene Lewis
Building A Strong Brand Identity

In a market oversaturated with brands going overboard to grab shoppers’ attention, consumers make simple decisions — they buy from brands they recognize and trust. 

According to the latest brand identity stats, consumers prefer authentic and trustworthy brands, with a memorable and consistent visual identity, great customer service, and a stance on meaningful social issues.

Yet, on their own, all these elements do nothing for your business — until you unite them into a powerful brand. Putting different pieces of brand identity into a coherent and successful story that consumers will love is an endeavor that can make or break your business.

To build an unforgettable online presence, your brand will need to leverage the vast skills and expertise of seasoned digital marketing consultants.

In this article, we discuss how a digital branding agency grants you access to all the necessary tools and resources to help your business build a strong brand identity.

What is a (Digital) Brand Identity & Why It Matters?

Brand identity intertwines a company’s branding — everything from logo design, color scheme, and brand messaging to website design and marketing activities — and customers’ relationship with that branding. 

However, visual content used to enhance brand Identity has to be taken care of as it can damage your brand identity. With proper video editing done on the content you can create a good experience for your audiences and establish a long term bonding with them.

In other words, brand identity is what captures the essence of your business, uniquely and memorably, and speaks to your customers, earning their loyalty.

Digital brand identity is then, nothing more but a company’s brand identity within the digital realm. It encompasses a brand’s looks and feels on its website, across social media profiles, blog and guest articles, video content, apps, and more.

But why should you care about building a strong digital brand identity? Well, studies suggest that most consumers use the Internet to search for products/services, research brands, and examine customer reviews.

Donning a powerful online brand is vital to differentiate your business from its competitors, attract the right audience, and encourage them to convert into customers. 

Digital Branding Agency — What is It?

A digital branding agency employs experts from various creative fields — web and graphic designers, marketing consultants and digital strategists, content writers, social media creators, PPC managers, etc. — who work together to create meaningful, memorable brand experiences online.

Your digital agency partner is responsible for creating a unique and engaging brand identity that adequately represents your business and cultivates customer loyalty. How they do it is between you and them to decide.

In general, most digital agencies are open to tailoring their services to your brand’s needs, budget, and in-house team. 

So, your agency may solely serve as your internal team’s consultant and strategist; they can take over the entirety of your brand’s digital marketing activities; or be your brand’s helping hand in any way in between. 

More so, digital agencies are generally flexible with their level of involvement during client partnerships. This means that — of course, in agreement with the agency — you can switch between different services or boost/lower their participation to maximize marketing activities in peak season or minimize your expenses during slower months.

Break Through The Noise With The Help Of A Digital Branding Agency

With so much competition out there, brands have a hard time standing out against others. But, with the help of a good digital branding agency, your brand has a more promising chance to grow and become a household name in its industry.

In this section, we outline different ways a digital branding agency can help build a strong brand for your business.

# Data-Driven Strategies & Expert Consulting

We may be prone to self-diagnosing online, but we still go to the doctor’s to get checked and treated by an experienced professional. So, why wouldn’t we do the same for the health of our business?

Specialists working in branding agencies possess vast knowledge and years of experience in the digital sphere. They are on top of the hottest trends, industry norms, customer expectations, and digital tools — and they integrate all of these into your brand strategy.

Digital agencies deliver guidance on what works in the digital realm; they know how to assess whether your branding activities perform well, and how to tweak your marketing efforts to make the most of your brand identity.

Of course, digital marketers are experts in their field, and they cannot know all the intricacies of clients’ products/services/customers, etc. 

But that is exactly what makes you and them a great team — you provide them with unique insights that digital specialists leverage in developing your marketing activities.

# UX-Friendly, Engaging & Memorable Design

Whether it’s for a single project, like creating a logo or a website — or a long-term partnership on designing marketing collateral and social media presence, hiring a renowned digital branding agency will ensure you get the best visual identity for your brand.

Your agency’s web and graphic designers, illustrators, and branding experts will go to great lengths to create a simple and unforgettable visual identity that genuinely reflects your brand’s values and personality.

Creating your design is a two-way street. Designers are super open to collaboration with clients, taking your ideas and transforming them into effective visual elements.

Last but not least, professional designers won’t let your brand fall into the common pitfalls of building a digital presence. 

Listen to the pros, and your brand will have an easily navigable and uncluttered website, an appealing color scheme, a legible font, and all the other musts of a powerful digital brand.

# Defined Tone of Voice & Brand Message

Who you are as a brand extends way beyond visual cues. Luckily, your digital agency can help with the rest – including the content and tone of your company’s narrative. 

Your brand message should focus on your identity as a company, the work you do, the values you stand for, and the way you benefit your customers and the community. 

Once defined, your digital agency will help integrate your brand’s tone and message across your online presence — whether it’s website content or a social media post. 

Moreover, having a helping hand from branding and copywriting professionals means you’ll avoid poor practices that are a huge turn-off for consumers. 

Namely, research suggests that social media consumers find it very annoying when brands use slang, discuss politics, make fun of customers, and take shots at the competition on social media.

# Intuitive, Fast & SEO-Friendly Custom Website

It suffices to say that your website is a crucial element of your brand’s presence online. 

Sure, creating quality content for social media is great, and guest posts can be extremely beneficial for your business — however, your website is the only thing that’s yours. 

Social platforms come and go, and other websites get hacked or abandoned, but your site is the single digital presence you’re entirely in charge of.

Your digital agency knows that, and it will help you build a fast-loading, reliable, and sturdy site, designed with users in mind, and optimized for relevant keywords.

In addition, the agency’s experts know how to make your website more intuitive and useful to consumers and conform to search engines’ countless guidelines.

# Comprehensive Approach to Building a Brand Identity

The beauty of working with a digital branding agency is that they won’t inadvertently forget some aspects of online branding — something that’s very common to happen to brands who are in charge of their own branding efforts.

Partnering with a digital agency ensures your brand enjoys a comprehensive online marketing approach and leverages beneficial but often overlooked activities. 

For instance, guest posts and paid articles published on relevant blogs can massively benefit your brand awareness and recognizability. 

In addition, a well-maintained Google Business profile containing images, reviews, and Q&As allows consumers to learn important info on your business directly from search.

Moreover, your digital branding agency can help discover, partner, and manage your brand’s partnerships with influencers, paid advertising activities, and much more.

# Coherent Brand Identity 

Last, but certainly not least — a digital agency is an irreplaceable guide in ensuring your brand identity is coherent and recognizable across different online platforms.

A consistent brand identity guarantees your consumers can easily recognize your business, deem it trustworthy, and understand your company’s personality. 

Beyond consumer-wise benefits, having a coherent brand identity is simpler and effortless in terms of technicalities. 

Whether it’s printing corporate T-shirts, creating a social media post, or sending a quote to a prospective client, you will always have a ready-made design at hand. 

Thus, there’s no wasting time going back and forth, searching for the latest rendition of the logo to include in your design — your branding agency ensures quick and streamlined branding across the board.

To Sum Up

Working together with a digital agency means enjoying a focused and streamlined process that ensures a powerful, memorable, and engaging identity for your online brand. 

Digital branding agencies can provide you with tools, resources, and experience that you can leverage to grow your business into a household industry name. 

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