Why Is My Printer Printing Lines? 5 Fixes For Your Printer Problems

by Danny Oster
Why is My Printer Printing Lines

‍Whether you’re printing documents or photos, your printer can stop working at any time. Printer problems are incredibly common and almost every user experiences them at some point or another. Printer errors usually have a simple fix, but they can get really annoying really fast. If your printer is printing lines instead of words, then you need to read this article and troubleshoot your printer as soon as possible! In this article, you will learn why your printer keeps printing lines instead of normal text and how to fix this problem on most printers. Your computer may be the culprit for these issues—if so, we also have solutions for those problems as well! Read on for more details about the issues with your printer and what you can do to resolve them.

Why is My Printer Printing Lines?

The main reason why your printer is printing lines is due to a technical error in the printer itself. There are several different reasons your printer may be printing lines, and it may be difficult to determine which one is causing the problem.

What Is The Reason My Printer Printing Lines?

1. The Printer is Offline

If your printer is printing lines, then it may be because the printer is offline. In order to fix this problem, you need to ensure that your printer’s wireless or Ethernet cord is plugged into a working outlet and that you have connected the cable properly. Make sure the power to the printer is on as well. If you’re still having issues, then restart your computer and try again. If this doesn’t work, then you may need to contact technical support for help with your printer.

2. The Ink Cartridge May Be Low on Ink

Another reason why your printer may be printing lines instead of words is that the ink cartridge may be low on ink. If this happens, then there will be no ink left in that cartridge, and it will cause problems with printing text or graphics. To fix this issue, simply replace the empty ink cartridge with a new one—you can purchase replacement cartridges online or at an office supply store near you! ousel with a full one. If you’re not sure how to fix this issue, then you should contact technical support for help.

3. The Printer May Be Jammed

If your printer is printing lines, then the printer may be jammed. This can be a very frustrating issue because it can cause your printer to stop working altogether. To troubleshoot this issue, first clear any paper from the paper tray and open up the back of the printer and remove any jammed papers in there using tweezers or your hands. If there is still a piece of paper stuck in the printer after doing this, then you may need to contact technical support for help with fixing this problem.

4. The Printer Is Stuck on One Page

Another reason why your printer might be printing lines is that it’s stuck on one page and won’t go onto another page or even print anything else! To fix this problem, unplug your printer and let it sit for a few minutes before ridges with new ones. Try different cartridges if you have them, as they may not all be the same. There are many different types of ink cartridges, so you can test a few to see which one is compatible with your printer.

How to Fix a Printer That Only Prints Lines?

Check the Paper

If your printer is only printing lines in one direction and not the other, the first place to check is the paper. Make sure that you are using the correct type of paper (usually colored paper or white paper). Also, make sure that the paper is not wrinkled or crumpled. Sometimes, printers will print in one direction if the paper is not aligned correctly, or if it’s jammed. If the paper is wrinkled, crumpled, or aligned incorrectly, it may cause your printer to print in one direction only. Try adjusting the paper or switching to a new piece of paper to see if that solves the problem. If you are using a piece of photo paper, try switching to normal paper to see if that helps. Photo paper is very thick, so it may not be feeding through the printer correctly. Normal paper may feed through better.

Check the Ink Cartridges

If you are using a printer with ink cartridges, check to see if the ink cartridges are full or empty. If they’re empty, you will have a hard time getting your printer to print. Even if it’s a brand-new printer, it won’t work if the ink cartridges are empty. Make sure to keep track of when you need to replace the ink cartridges. If your printer has more than one cartridge, check to make sure all the cartridges are replaced. If you are having issues with your ink cartridges, you can try cleaning them. Sometimes, a cartridge that doesn’t seem to be empty still won’t work correctly. Try cleaning the cartridge with a piece of cloth or paper towel and warm water. Be careful not to get the inside of the cartridge wet!

Check the Printer Cord

If your printer is wireless and you only have one device connected to it, you may want to check the printer cord. If the cord isn’t plugged in correctly, you will only be able to print in one direction. Double-check the connection to make sure it is plugged in all the way and that the cord is not broken. If the cord is not plugged in, you will not be able to print at all. If you are using a printer with a cord, check the end that goes into your computer to make sure it is plugged in all the way. If it is loose and not plugged all the way in, only one side of the paper will be printed on. If you have a printer with a cord, try removing the cord from the printer and then plugging it back in. This is often all it takes to fix a loose connection.

Check Your Computer and Software

If you can’t figure out why the only thing your printer is doing is printing lines, you may want to check your computer and software. If you are printing from a computer, make sure that all of your computer’s programs are turned on, and that you have installed any necessary updates. Also, make sure that your computer isn’t printing the wrong type of document. Sometimes, your computer’s default setting will print a document that you are working on in a tiny, barely readable font on one page, while an image file will print in an enormous font taking up multiple pages. If this is happening, change your computer’s printing settings to print one page per page, or to print the document that you are working on at the correct font size. If you are printing from a program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, open the program and attempt to print again. Sometimes, programs such as these will print just one page and then stop, even if you have specified that you want it to print multiple pages.

Fix a Broken Printhead

If the lines are only printing in one direction and not the other, the printhead may be broken. The printhead is the part of the printer that transfers the ink to the paper. If it is broken, it will cause your printer to only print in one direction. The printhead is usually inside the printer, so you may have to open the printer and check to see if it is broken. If it is broken, you may want to consider a repair shop. Some companies specialize in printer repairs, so they may be able to fix the printhead for you. If you have a printer with a broken printhead and you don’t have the money to pay for a repair shop to fix it, you can buy a new printer. Check out our printer buying guide for helpful tips on choosing a new printer.

What Are The Features Of The Printer?

  1. It has a detachable keypad which is used as the cover of the printer.
  2. The paper tray is also detachable and can be used as a cover when not in use.
  3. The cartridge compartment can be opened only after removing the paper tray and keypad.
  4. The LCD display shows the status of the printer, ink levels, etc.
  5. There are two buttons to control its function viz., Power On/Off and Ink Reset button for resetting ink levels in case of low ink level warning message appears on LCD display after printing few pages or when ink level becomes critical (ink level becomes too low).


There are many different reasons why your printer is printing lines instead of normal text. You can troubleshoot these issues by unplugging the printer and computer and then plugging them back in one at a time. You can also try unplugging the printer and then pressing the reset button on the printer. If you are still experiencing issues, then you will need to contact the company that made your printer to see if they can help you resolve the issue. With a little troubleshooting and troubleshooting, you can fix all your printer problems and get back to printing like normal again.

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