Why Filipinos Are Good At Singing?

by Danny Oster
Why Filipinos are Good at Singing

Filipinos love karaoke. It’s not uncommon to see people singing their hearts out at local karaoke bars and singing contests almost everywhere, especially on weekends. Everyone wants to be the next big star, but why are they so good at singing? Why are Filipinos so good at singing? There must be something in our genes that makes us predisposed to have a good voice and sing well. After all, it doesn’t just come naturally; you need to learn techniques and practice your skills regularly. In fact, there are several factors that make Filipinos stand out as singers. Here are some explanations of why Filipinos are so good at singing!

Why Filipinos are Good at Singing?

President Aquino was so proud of the Filipino singers, singers who were able to make their songs very famous all over the world through YouTube and other social media sites. And they were not just singers; they were also painters and sculptors! The president even gave them awards for this talent as well as their hard work in pursuing their dreams.

Music Is Part Of The Filipino Culture

1. It’s a part of our daily lives – We sing every day, we hum, we hum along to songs on the radio, and sing along to songs in church or at parties. We can’t help ourselves from singing! It’s an innate part of our cultural makeup and it reminds us that we are Filipino!

2. Music is universal – Every culture has a form of music that they enjoy but only Filipinos have been able to master the art of singing in every genre, from jazz to rock n roll to pop and even karaoke! So much so that even foreigners have fallen in love with our local singers! And since most of the foreign singers come here for work or study, they find it hard to resist singing along with the locals, creating a new kind of music that is uniquely Filipino!

3. It’s our national pastime – We love to sing and we love to dance. We are naturally good at both! Go watch a karaoke bar and you’ll see Filipinos singing their hearts out! And if you go to a party, the first thing you will hear is people singing each other’s songs while they dance. It’s a part of our everyday lives and we love it!

4. Singing is our culture – We’ve had a long tradition of singing in the Philippines, from our indigenous singers to the karaoke singers today. And even though we are known for singing, we are also known for writing songs as well! The lyrics of our songs and poems have always been an important part of our culture and they will always be so. It’s a part of who we are and it’s not something that can ever be changed!

5. Filipinos love to sing – We love to sing, even when no one is watching us! We love to sing in church, at parties, at karaoke, or wherever there’s music playing. We love to sing and we’ll do it even if nobody else is listening. It’s just one of those things that makes us feel good about ourselves and about life in general! It’s what makes us unique!

6. Singing is a hobby – Singing is a hobby for many Filipinos because we love singing and we love to sing songs that mean something to us. We also love to sing in unison or even in our own voices, if that’s what the song calls for. We have our own little karaoke rooms at home so that we can sing whenever we want! And since singing isn’t something that you learn overnight, it’s something that you can do with your whole family and friends! It’s a great way to spend time together!

7. Singing is therapeutic – If you’re having a bad day, there’s nothing better than singing some soothing music and letting it wash over you until all your worries are gone and all your problems seem insignificant. It’s one of those things that make us feel better about ourselves and about life in general! We don’t feel like we have to hide or be ashamed of our problems because singing makes them seem small and insignificant. Singing is a way to let go of all your troubles and just enjoy life!

8.. Singing is an art form – Singing is an art form, so it’s something that we should learn more about. It’s not something that can be learned overnight, but it’s something that you can perfect over time if you really put your mind to it. And the best thing about it is that the more you sing, the better you get at it! There are many different kinds of singing, from opera to jazz and even karaoke singing! So there’s no limit to what kind of songs you can sing! And as long as there’s music playing, we’ll all sing along with you!

9. Singing is fun – Singing is just plain fun! This is one of the things that Filipinos love to do, so it’s something that we can do together as a family. It’s a hobby for many Filipinos and it’s something that really helps us unwind and relax!

 Filipinos Grew Up Listening To Great Singers

  • The music industry has been growing in the Philippines for decades. In this article, we will look at how Filipino listeners grew up with a lot of great singers
  • Radio and TV showed their concerts. The Philippine radio and TV stations have been showing their concerts since their first broadcasts in the 1930s. They had to do this because they were the only way to reach the far-flung areas of the country at that time.
  • FM radio was introduced in 1972 and AM radio was introduced in the 1980s (with Radyo Natin as its first station). Presently, there are more than 100 FM stations and more than 130 AM stations nationwide, making it very easy for Filipinos to listen to great singers even if they are far from their hometowns or provinces (excluding Metro Manila).
  • The introduction of cassette tapes – which became popular after the introduction of stereo audio cassette tapes – brought about a new era for the Filipino listener. The cassettes brought home and played in the car, made it easy for Filipinos to listen to their favorite singers even if they are far from their hometowns or provinces (excluding Metro Manila).
  • There were a lot of radio stations that played music in English during the 1970s and 1980s. These radio stations also featured programs that featured great singers in English.
  • When FM radio was introduced in 1972, it was necessary for the government to create a regulation on what kind of music people could listen to on FM radio stations (other than those already allowed by laws). Thus, the government created a regulation called RESOLUTION NO. 957, which allowed only those songs that are written by Filipino composers and have been sung by Filipino artists since before World War II to be played on FM radio stations nationwide.
  • The introduction of VHF/FM television in 1975 made it possible for radio stations to show their concerts on TV and vice versa.
  • The introduction of cable television in the 1990s made it possible for radio stations to have their own TV shows and broadcast their concerts nationwide (excluding Metro Manila).
  • In 1997, the government allowed FM radio stations to play the music that is not written by Filipino composers or sung by Filipino artists (other than those already allowed by laws). This paved the way for more great singers to be played on FM radio stations nationwide.
  • In 2000, the government opened up cable channels, which allowed radio and TV stations to broadcast their concerts nationwide (excluding Metro Manila). This paved the way for more great singers from all over the world to become popular in the Philippines.
  • The introduction of satellite TV in 1998 made it possible for viewers watching those who were broadcasting their concerts via cable channels (both radio and TV) to watch them on satellite TV as well.


There are several factors that make Filipinos stand out as singers. Music is a part of Filipino culture, and Filipinos are naturally good at music. Filipinos grew up listening to great singers, and many young people aspire to become singers themselves. The Philippines is a melting pot of cultures, and the country is home to many different people. These factors have helped make Filipinos good singers. If you’re a Filipino and you’ve always dreamt of becoming a singer, you can follow these tips to become a great singer.

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