How To Make A New Tinder Account After Being Banned‍

by David Valdez
How To Make A New Tinder Account After Being Banned‍

In the last few years, online dating has become more popular than ever. Hundreds of new dating apps and websites have popped up to meet this demand, including Tinder. Despite its popularity, Tinder is not for everyone. In fact, it’s generally frowned upon by most people who are active in the online dating scene. This article details why you shouldn’t use Tinder and other similar apps if you want to date someone seriously. If you feel that you can follow these guidelines while using the app, proceed with caution. With that out of the way, let’s talk about how to make your Tinder profile stand out after being banned from using it again.

How To Make A New Tinder Account After Being Banned‍?

1. Change your username.

Your username is the first thing people see when they look at your profile. If you don’t want to be discriminated against because of your username, change it as soon as possible.

2. Make sure you have a photo on your profile

It may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure that you have a photo on your profile before you start using the app again. You don’t have to go out and buy a new picture for this, but make sure that it is clear and visible enough for people to see. It should be at least 5 by 5 inches in size and well-lit. Your picture shouldn’t have any other text on it or anything distracting from the main image itself (like text or graphics). In addition, make sure that the background isn’t too busy or crowded with other things like text or graphics so people can easily tell what you look like standing next to everything else in your background image (this can be done easily by taking a plain white background photo).

3. Make sure all the photos in your profile are clear and free of distractions

You should also remove any photos where there are other things behind you (like text or graphics) so people can see exactly what you look like without having to guess what’s going on behind you (or even guessing at all). You should also remove any pictures where there are objects in front of you that block the view of your face (like a book or other object in front of you). If you have to crop, make sure to crop out the top and bottom edges of your picture.

4. Change the font size on your profile so it’s readable

You may be surprised to know that some people only use their phones when they’re trying to find a date. This means that they don’t always have access to computers, which makes them rely solely on their phone’s screen for everything they do online. As a result, many people who use Tinder will only use their phone’s screen as an aid for reading their profiles and messages from others. This means that if your font is small on your profile, it can be hard for them to read what it says without using their phone’s magnifier function. To remedy this problem, change the font size for both the text and profile photo on your profile.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Tinder Unless You’re Just Having Fun

1. Be careful what you post on your profile

You don’t want to attract the wrong type of person, so make sure that you’re not posting things that could potentially put you in danger. For example, don’t post anything that could be considered offensive or inappropriate. Don’t post any personal information (like full names) without making sure it is 100% safe to do so. If there is any chance that someone might use your profile and contact information to do something illegal or dangerous, then don’t post it!

2. Don’t use Tinder unless you’re actively looking for a relationship

If all the people on Tinder are looking for casual hookups and nothing more, then they won’t want to get involved with someone who isn’t interested in dating at all. This means that if you’re only using Tinder to see who’s out there and have a good time, then it’s best to stay away from the app altogether until you’ve had enough time and experience with other people (in person) to know what kind of person you’re looking for.

3. Be careful about what pictures or messages you send out

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s okay for everyone! Just because someone says they’re interested in meeting up doesn’t mean that they are actually going to plan something with you (or even respond back). If someone says they are interested in meeting up but doesn’t follow through with their plans after a few days, then they probably aren’t interested at all! If you have any doubts about whether someone is actually interested in meeting up with you or not, then don’t send them a message.

4. Don’t give someone your number unless you know for sure that they are interested in meeting up with you

This is the same as #3, but in this case, it’s about giving out your number to people who might not be able to meet up with you. Some people don’t have access to their phone’s magnifier function, so they can’t read your profile or messages without using their phone’s screen. A lot of people who use Tinder also only use their phone’s screen to read messages and profiles. So if someone says they want to meet up with you, but doesn’t follow through on their plans after a couple of days, then it probably means that they’re not interested at all!

5. Don’t be too aggressive when talking to people on Tinder

This goes along with the point above about being careful what pictures and messages you send out on the app—aggressive behavior could get a person who is looking for an actual relationship mad at you! And if a person gets mad at you and blocks your number or goes silent on the app altogether, then it could take quite some time before he/she decides to unblock your number (or return to Tinder). This means that if someone does end up blocking or unfollowing your account, then there’s no way of knowing that they still have the app on their phone. If a person does this, then chances are they aren’t interested in you at all!

Why People Hate Tinder So Much

1. It’s too confusing

Tinder is a really confusing app to use. All you have to do is swipe right on someone’s profile and you get a match! It’s really easy, but at the same time, it can be really confusing because there are so many different people using the app on their phones! It can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use Tinder.

2. People are crazy on Tinder

Some people who are using Tinder have very little self-control and they just go out of their way to talk to anyone they see on the app! This makes it hard for people who actually want something serious with someone they meet up with in person.

3. It’s not real life

People who meet up with other people in real life tend to want a relationship with that person. So there is no point in meeting up with someone you met online it doesn’t mean anything at all! If a person does decide to meet up with you in real life, then he/she will probably end up getting mad at you if he/she finds out that the person he/she met online isn’t interested in having a relationship or isn’t even interested in meeting up again!

4. People get jealous when they see other people talking about them online

People get jealous when they see other people talking about them online, especially if they know that they’re not interested in dating someone else at all! They may even be mad at you for making them jealous!

5. It’s hard to meet up with people in real life

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then it’s going to be hard to meet up with someone in real life if they aren’t interested in meeting you! You have to be careful when meeting up with people in real life because they might also just end up being someone who wants casual sex or is just looking for someone to talk to online.

6. People get mad at you when they find out that you have other people on the app

People get really mad when they see other people messaging a person on Tinder and then the person on Tinder tells them that he/she has another person on the app. If a person does this, then chances are he/she isn’t interested in having a relationship with someone else at all! This means that if you do end up talking to another person on Tinder and telling them about your first Tinder date (or how great it was).


Tinder is a bad app for dating, and most people use it incorrectly. If you’re looking for a relationship, don’t use Tinder. Instead, find a dating app that’s designed for finding people to date. If you still want to use Tinder, you must avoid the common pitfalls. You must be genuine and avoid prematurely revealing personal information. With that in mind, you can create an effective Tinder profile after being banned from the app.

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