Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Videos?

by David Valdez
Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Videos

Newer social media platforms are always coming up with new ways to woo users, and video is one of the biggest trends right now. Facebook has been pushing video content heavily, which has led to an increase in video views on the website. This can be a great way to market your business or organization, but you need to know who’s watching your videos so you can tailor future marketing efforts accordingly. Fortunately, there are several ways to find out who viewed your Facebook videos and how many of them there were. Keeping track of how many people see your posts is important for analyzing your content and making sure it resonates with your audience.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Videos?

yes, you can see who views your videos on Facebook. According to a report on Mashable, it takes about 2 minutes for Facebook to count the number of views for any video. However, if you want a detailed look at viewers’ demographics, you need to “click over” to watch the rest of the video.!

How To See Who Views Your Facebook Videos?

Find Out Who Viewed Your Video Using Facebook Ads

You can also keep track of who viewed your Facebook videos by setting up a Facebook ad that has a video component. The way these ads work is that they track the number of people who saw the ad and then clicked on it or “unsubscribed” from it. You can then see the demographics for the people who clicked on the ad and see which of them viewed the video on your page. This lets you know which people were interested enough to click on the ad and then which ones watched the video. It’s important to note, though, that this method won’t tell you how many people actually watched the entire video.

Discover Who Views Your Facebook Videos With Audience Insights

Another way to find out who’s watching your video is to use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool. Log into your Facebook page, click on the “Insights” tab, and then select “Visual Content” from the menu to see various graphs and charts that show you which demographics are viewing your videos. For example, you can see which countries are most likely to view your videos, what times of day they’re likely to occur, and how many people are watching each day. You can also look at the demographics of your average video viewer to see if there are any similarities between the people who watch your videos. If you have several videos posted and you notice that they’re all attracting a specific audience, you can tailor your future videos to that demographic.

See Which Of Your Friends Viewed Your FB Videos

Another way to find out who views your Facebook videos is to simply see who watches them. If you log into your Facebook account, click on “Videos” in the left-hand menu, and then select a video, you’ll see a list of people who watched the video. This list will show you which friends watched your video and how many times they watched it. You can also see how long each person watched your video. This information is useful if you want to tailor future videos to your most engaged viewers. While it may seem like an invasion of privacy to know which of your friends watched your videos, this information can be very helpful.

What The Implications Are Of Knowing Who Views Your Facebook Videos

1. Tailoring Videos To Specific Demographics

The first thing we can learn from this information is that your videos are being viewed by different people in different ways. Knowing how many people viewed each video will also let you know what’s working and what isn’t, and it will let you know to who to tailor your future videos. For example, if the highest viewed video has just over 3,000 views but the lowest is only under 100 views (see Figure 1), then you may want to consider tweaking your video so that it appeals to a larger audience. It’s important to keep in mind that there could be hundreds of factors at play when it comes to these numbers and not all of them may be clear as day.

Figure 1: Video that has a high number of views but a low number of likes

Source: YouTube

2. Identifying Popular Time Slots

Knowing which times of day people are likely to view your videos is also important because it could be telling you something about the content they have access to with their Facebook News Feed (see Figure 2). If there are gaps in viewership between 9 PM and 11 PM, then you might want to make sure that your most exciting or significant new content or announcements are posted during those times. Again, remember that these times don’t necessarily reflect when users spend the majority of their time on Facebook; they may also be influenced by other factors such as region or geographic location.

3: Viewership Gaps Between 9 PM And 11 PM

As we’ve established, including a call to action in the description of a video allows you to tailor the viewing experience for your friends. So, next time you want to send that text message or post that photo, try using Graph Search instead of searching by name. It’s much easier than logging into your account, finding the video you’re looking for, and adding an extra step in the process. With Graph Search—as long as it is enabled on your Facebook page—you can use Internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo! to find posts by name. This means that rather than having to remember someone’s account name when you are trying to find them on Facebook (which can be difficult), you can type their username in the search bar and come up with their profile page almost instantly. If they have posted on Facebook recently, their profile will pop up, and if not it will show that they are offline. Once users log into their profile page, users are able to view comments made by friends about this person’s content without having to add them as contacts or friends (see Figure 3).

4:Example Of A Person’s Profile Showing A Comment From A Friend  Source:

3 Ways You Can Use Graph Search On Your Page Here are three different ways you can use this feature:

1) Find people using common

names: If your audience is primarily made up of people that use a common name such as “Bob”, then you could type Bob’s username in the search bar and see all of the Facebook updates he may have posted or commented on recently. You can also add other users to the search form by using their username in the box on the right side of the search results (see Figure 4).

5: Example Of Adding A User To A Search Form

Find popular times: On any given day, there are probably several different times where people are likely to be checking their newsfeeds, such as during their morning commute, while at work, or after work. Graph Search can help you find those times by typing in common names or search terms and seeing what times of day certain users are most active. You don’t have to remember when the user’s profile page is available and you don’t have to be friends with the person either, so setting up a time range for your content is as easy as just picking the ones you’re interested in and saving it for later.

Find people with similar interests: Everyone is on Facebook for different reasons, but one thing that kind of all of us have in common is that we all like checking out our friends’ pictures, reading their posts, and adding new friends. Graph Search can help you see what your friends are doing or talking about when they’re online. Type in common names or search terms to see if your friends are online before you log onto Facebook! If someone isn’t online at a certain time of day—and they always tend to be—you can set up a time range that will automatically start at a specific hour and end at midnight every day (see Figure 5).

6: A Graph Showing Multiple Searches Typed Into Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search Comparison- How Twitter, Google, And Facebook Differ Twitter vs Facebook vs google

How To Keep Track Of Who Views Your Facebook Videos?

  • Go to Facebook and log in to your account.
  • From your profile, click the “Video” link on the right side of the screen.
  • From your video’s details page, click “Edit Settings.”
  • Click “View all of my videos” next to it, as shown in Figure 6a.
  • Click on “Show video details at all times.” This will display your video whenever someone goes to view it (see Figure 6b). Note: I think this is confusing for some users because it is hidden under a link that says “Show all videos,” so always check under the visible option if you want to show or hide it from all viewers with a simple switch of a button!
  1. a) Edit Video Settings
  2. b) Show Video Details at All Times

Summing up

Keeping track of Facebook video viewers can help you tailor future content to specific demographics. This can help you better engage with your audience and improve your marketing strategy. Even if you only have a few dozen viewers per video, keeping track of who they are can help you improve your marketing strategy by understanding which demographics prefer the type of content you produce.

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