How To Make A Custom Alarm Sound?

by David Valdez
How To Make A Custom Alarm Sound

If you get startled easily, alarms can be quite a nuisance. If you’re easily spooked, the sudden blaring of an alarm might also induce a panic attack. However, if you have a sense of humor and enjoy pranks, alarms are not such a bad thing after all. Rather than being startled by an intruder or fire alarm, why not prank your friends with your own custom-made alarm? It will come as no surprise to them that there is an alarm in your room. The surprise comes when they find out that it is the sound of your favorite animal howling that goes off every time someone enters your room! Users can choose from several different stock sounds and make adjustments according to their preferences. Read on to know more about how you can make your own custom alarm sound on iPhone or iPad.

How To Make A Custom Alarm Sound?

1. Create a new sound file

To create a custom alarm sound, you will first need to make a new sound file. The steps are the same as creating any other sound file on your iOS device.

2. Add to the alarm template

Once you have created the new sound file, you can add it to the alarm template by tapping on “edit” followed by “add” on the alarm template screen of your iPhone or iPad. A window will pop up where you can select your custom sound from a list of stock sounds. By default, there are three stock sounds: bird chirps, thunder, and fire alarm. You can also adjust other settings for your new alarm like its volume and pitch by first selecting “settings” from the edit menu after adding your custom sound file to the template.

3. Save and test

You can now test out your custom alarm by playing it back in playback mode and then tapping on “play” when prompted during the testing mode. You can also double-check that your new custom sounds work fine by checking if it shows up in iTunes as an option for alarms when syncing with iCloud or importing into iTunes via USB cable (for non-iPhones/iPads). If all goes well, you can now keep this as one of your favorite alarms!

4. Share your custom alarm sound

When you are done with your new custom alarm, you can share it with your friends by sending them a link or sharing it via email. Just make sure that the file is saved in the .m4a format so that it will work on all iOS devices.

5. Delete your custom alarm sounds

You can easily delete any custom alarm sound you have created from the iTunes Music library by going to iTunes Preferences and then selecting the “Sync tab”. You can then select “Music” in the left sidebar and delete any unwanted alarms by tapping on the “…” button next to each of them. Clicking on this button will also show a list of all of the songs in a given folder, which allows you to quickly find and remove any unwanted alarms you might have added to the iTunes Library.

6. Get the .m4a file

If you want to keep your custom alarm sound for future usage, you can simply save it in the .m4a format by using a third-party app like QuickTime Player and then opening the file in iTunes. You can then delete the original sound file from your iPhone or iPad.

When Should You Use The Alarm?

1. Use it as a reminder to yourself

You can use the alarm to remind you of something important or even make a joke about it. For example, you can set the alarm to go off every Monday at 8:00 am and then tell your friends that you’re going to be a “Monday morning quarterback”.

2. Use it as a reminder for others

You can also use the alarm to remind someone else of something important. Simply send them a link when they are not looking, or use your iPhone’s built-in messaging feature and tap on their name while they are not looking (this works especially well if they do not have an iPhone or iPad).

3. Set it up for recurring events

You can set up one of your alarms so that it will go off every day at a specific time. For example, you could have an alarm that goes off at 6:30 am every weekday morning for breakfast, or have an alarm that goes off before 7:00 pm every night so that your partner knows when to get home from work. You can also set multiple alarms for different days and times in order for them all to be triggered on the same day at different times. This is especially useful for reminders that must happen at specific times such as appointments and meetings. You could also set up an alarm that goes off after 10:00 pm each night so that you know when the kids should be in bed!

4. Create custom tones with iTunes

If you want to create custom tones for your iPhone or iPad, you can do so by using iTunes. You can then use these tones in place of the default alarm sound. For example, you could create a tone that sounds like a fire truck siren or whatever other sound you want to use.

5. Use it as an alarm clock

You can also set up your iPhone or iPad as an alarm clock, which will wake up your device every morning at a specific time so that you don’t have to set an alarm each day manually. Simply plug in your iPhone or iPad to its charger and then turn it on and all of the alarms will go off at their designated times (this works especially well if you have multiple devices).

6. Use it for reminders of appointments

When setting up the alarm, you can also choose to have it remind you of upcoming appointments such as doctor’s appointments, meetings with coworkers, and others so that they don’t go unnoticed. You could even add multiple alarms for different days and times so that they all go off on the same day at different times depending on what is scheduled for that particular day.

7. Set it to repeat over time

You can also set up an alarm that will repeat every week until reset by turning off the device and then turning it back on again after some amount of time (for example, 4 weeks). This is especially useful if there are certain events that must happen periodically (such as birthdays), but you forget when they are or if you need to be reminded.

8. Set it to repeat on a daily basis

You can also set up an alarm that will repeat every day until reset by turning off the device and then turning it back on again after some amount of time (for example, 1 month). This is especially useful if you know that something needs to happen repeatedly on a regular basis (such as cleaning your house once a week).

9. Set it up to remind you of certain events

You can also set up an alarm that will remind you at a certain time each day or every other day when some event happens or occurs (such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions). You can even schedule these reminders so that they occur at different times depending on what is happening during the specified date range. This is especially useful if there are multiple events scheduled during the same date range and you don’t want to forget any of them!


If you love pranks, you can play a few of them by changing the sound of your iPhone alarm and creating a custom alarm sound. You can choose from an array of sounds or you can use your own voice to create a custom alarm sound that will leave your friends and family startled, amused, and amazed all at once. If you are the shy, quiet type, this can be a great way to break the ice. If nothing else, it will give you a good story to tell at a later date.


Q. How do I make my iPhone sound like a police siren?

A. There are many apps available that allow you to create your own custom sounds, but the easiest way is to download one of the free alarm sounds from the App Store.

Q. My iPhone won’t ring in my car’s stereo system because it has no audio output feature. What can I do?

A. You can purchase a car kit and plug your phone into the kit’s headphone jack, or you can purchase an aftermarket stereo that has an audio output jack so that you can connect your iPhone to it via a USB cable.

Q. How do I create my own custom alarm sound?

A. There are numerous free apps available on the App Store that will allow you to create custom alarm sounds for your iPhone or iPod touch, but here are two of our favorites: SoundAlarm (free) and iShook (free). Both of these apps have hundreds of audio files available for download and they are easy to use since they allow you to customize both the tone and volume of each alarm sound while giving you control over how long each alarm will continue playing before it turns off automatically or until you manually turn it off by swiping up on the screen while it’s playing.

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